Saturday, May 31, 2008

Plus- size Nereida goes for plus-size shop

Negreida and her hot lesbian friend

Negreida's osversized ass and tits are back again, and they're bigger than ever. The Sun has published 3 pictures of "Twiggy" and her pals taken in a nightclub toilet.

Pic 1: the vicious girls flash their boobs while Negreida prepares to kiss a tall blonde.

Pic 2:They lift their skirts up to reveal their buttocks.

Pic 3:Smile for the camera.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Cristiano Ronaldo, Lord Of Recycled Rings

Negreida Gallardo gets recycled ring. Seems like Cristiano Ronaldo gave her the same ring he gave to his ex-fiancee, Merche Romero.As the pictures show, Merche's engagement ring is identical to the one Negreida has been wearing recently. Humiliating, isn't it?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

And the kiss goes.... not to Negreida

According to News of the World during a match between Manchester United and Aston Villa, Cristiano Ronaldo was seen blowing a kiss to his girlfriend Nereida Gallardo after scoring a goal. So untrue! Six months ago, Ronaldo celebrated a goal against Sporting Lisbon sending a kiss into the stands of Old Trafford, Tuesday 27 November, 2007. The Portuguese ace met plus size Nereida in a nightclub in Majorca only in January.


Separated At Birth

Cristiano Ronaldo's girl Nereida was a wild animal in bed

SOCCER superstar Cristiano Ronaldo might be the best player on the planet but he'll have to go some way to keep up with his sex-hungry sweetheart, reveals her ex-lover.
For when it comes to the beautiful game of love stunning Nereida Gallardo—tipped to become MRS Ronaldo soon—is out of this world insists old flame Pedro Campane.

"She was like a wild animal in bed," said the hunky football agent. "We slept together the first night we met. It wasn't difficult persuading her.

"She didn't have any hang-ups. She liked doing everything in every position.

: Cup star Ronaldo

"Nereida doesn't know much about football but she knows lots about men—and how to please them. Cristiano must be having a mind-blowing time." Star striker Ronaldo put on a dazzling display as Manchester United defeated Chelsea to clinch the European Cup on Wednesday. And, according to Pedro, his reward from Nereida will have been in a champions' league of its own!

Incredibly, handsome 40-year-old Pedro insisted that he ended HIS two-month fling with the busty 24-year-old Spanish brunette because he couldn't stand any more of the non-stop sex.

Wannabe model Nereida has been dating Portugal's Cristiano, 23, since January and is now planning to move into his £4million mansion in Alderley Edge, Cheshire.

But wealthy Pedro revealed that she has always dreamed of bagging herself a footballer and becoming a WAG.

He said: "Nereida likes money more than anything else—even sex. Now Cristiano has got a mind-blowing woman who's amazing in bed and she's got herself the millionaire footballer she'd always talked about dating."

Pedro recalled how he bedded Nereida in his penthouse just hours after they first met in her native Majorca at the end of May 2006.

"I was introduced to her at a party and we became more than friends straight away," he said. "She was 22, very hot, and I wasn't going to waste any time. Conquering her was very easy. She liked partying and money and I could give her both.


"I'm very well-known on the island. I get invited to lots of VIP parties at nightclubs like Tito's and Eventos.

"From the very start Nereida wanted to go to them with me because we were always well looked after and she loves being in the spotlight.

"And I was interested because she was very sexy—even more so than she is now.

"I'd pick her up from the home she shares with her mum Ana and stepdad Francisco on the outskirts of Palma. Either that or I'd meet her at the old folks' home where she works as a nursing assistant.

"Then we'd go to the parties and restaurants and afterwards I'd take her back to my place.
LUCKY EX PEDRO: "It was 1st-night sex"
"And she was never shy. She loved people seeing her naked. It gave her a thrill.

"One day she wanted me to buy her lingerie but I said I wanted to be there while she tried it on.

"She didn't bat an eyelid. She really got off on giving me a show.

"There were other people watching in the boutique too but it didn't bother her at all.

"She stripped off without a second thought.

"She didn't even bother closing the changing room curtain. She knows she has a sexy body and didn't care who she showed.

"The bill came to nearly £400. But it was well worth it!"

Pedro was under no illusions about being the great love of Nereida's life.

"I'm sure she slept with other people while she was with me," he said.

"She didn't seem the sort to stick to one man. There was a young football player lodging with me at the time and he used to drive Nereida home after she and I had slept together.

"He'd often ask me if he could take her out for a drink before he dropped her off.

"I told him what he did outside of my house was none of my concern."

But Pedro revealed how his affair with Nereida fizzled out because he grew bored with all the sex.

"It's very nice being with a beautiful girl who you can sleep with whenever you want," he admitted.


"But there comes a time when you get tired of something just based on sex and money and you move on. That's what happened to me."

After the pair split, Nereida moved on and dated a string of four Spanish soccer players, as well as a singer and several businessmen.

Pedro added: "She doesn't hang about and who can blame her? She's got looks on her side and she's a girl in a hurry."

After meeting Nereida in Majorcan night club Tito's, Ronaldo has already showered her with a string of lavish gifts, including a £28,000 Mercedes with monogrammed leather seats and diamond earrings.

And the player's own mother has been firing up speculation that the couple are about to get hitched.

Maria dos Santos Aveiro has told friends to expect a "big announcement" from her son after the Euro 2008 championships next month.

A pal in Madeira told us: "Maria's very excited. She's been telling people there's something big in the offing.

"Given that Cristiano now appears to have pledged his future to Manchester United instead of a move to Real Madrid then it surely must mean that he's getting married?"

Pedro, the ex, added: "I never thought Nereida would get so far. She's certainly got experience of football players. She's been with many.

"But I didn't think she could conquer a top player like Ronaldo.

"She only went out with me because she knew I had money, not because she was in love or anything like that. But I certainly have good memories. Ronaldo's a very lucky guy." (source:The Sun)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Who's Negreida?

Birth Name:
Nereida Gallardo Alvarez

Born: Friday, March 18, 1983

Nationality: Spanish

Zodiac sign: Pisces

Age: 25 (two years older than Ronaldo)

Height: 5'5¾ (167 cm)

Weight: around 57 kilograms

Bust: 94

Waist: 62

Hips: 94

Body Shape: Apple

Hair Color: Black

Eye color: Dark brown

Skin tone: Olive

Special Peculiarities: Big Butt Cheeks, bunny teeth, big boobs

Profession: Unemployed

Precedent jobs: Barmade,nurse assistant

Known for: dated Cristiano Ronaldo

Monday, May 26, 2008

Negreida out of the 50 Most Beautiful Wags of World Soccer

The best football player in the World is dating a woman isn't on the 50 most beautiful wags of world soccer list. Coed Magazine has recently published the annual poll. Peter Crouch girlfriend Abbey Clancy has been voted number one. Cristiano Ronaldo ex Gemma Atkinson took sixth place. For a full list see
Coed Magazine. (source: Correio Manha).