Monday, June 30, 2008

Why was Ronaldo so romantic with his ex but not with Nereida?

According to Vidas, Plus-Size Nereida asked Ronaldo to spend a few days only with her,but he promptly refused.

"They’ve never done a romantic holiday since they are dating. Nereida wanted to spend time with him alone but he immediately said NO.Family is the most important things in his life. Girlfriends can't compete with his family.He doesn't renounce to stay with his mother and his sisters" says a source close to Nereida.

Two years ago,Cristiano Ronaldo has been spotted spend a romantic weekend of April in Capri with Merche Romero.Cristiano,Merche and nobody else.

Vote for your favourite WAG: Plus-Size Nereida is in last position!

Simone Lambe votes 1,730 ( 24%)

2- Sylvie van der Vaart votes 1,335 (19%)

3- Sonia Amoruso votes 1,263 (18%)

4- Sarah Brandner votes 926 ( 13%)

5- Eva Gonzalez votes 507 (7%)

6- Noémie Lenoir votes 481 (7%)

7- Lena Mühlbacher votes 252 (3%)

8- Alena Seredova votes 172 (2%)

9- Nicola Valentina votes 146 (2%)

10- Anine Bing votes 125 (2%)

11- Radka Kocurova votes 113 (2%)

12- Nereida Gallardo votes 94 (1%)

AOL Sport Total votes: 7,144

Fat-Nereida in bikini is a total disaster

Fat thighs. Large ass. Short arms and legs. Orange peel skin. Old looking for her age. Ordinary face. She is really that bad looking, but if you want to see photos of this disgusting creature named Nereida Gallardo Alvarez, you're in the right blog. She went to the beach to have sex a good time with her boyfriend.Yes, she has someone to like her. And that man can be no other than Cristiano Ronaldo!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Plus-Size Nereida and Cristiano Ronaldo Arriving in Maddalena's Isle, Sardinia, Italy - Part Two

Cristiano Ronaldo is ashamed to be seen with Nereida (aka Spain's Biggest Bitch) and gives the finger to the paparazzi.

Who's taller? Plus-Size Nereida or the little girl?

The landing

What a chatterbox she is!

Plus-Size Nereida and Cristiano Ronaldo Arriving in Maddalena's Isle, Sardinia, Italy - Part One

Plus-Size Nereida uses to follow Ronaldo like a dog

Ronaldo thinks he was able to get rid of Plus-Size Nereida

Not So Able As He Thinks He Is