Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Big In Portugal

Ex wag-wannabe glamour model-without job- Nereida is the second Portugal's most searched person on Internet. This year's number one is actress, singer, presenter Luciana Abreu. 3rd classified English singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse.

Plus Size Nereida is about 10 times larger than Amy!

Top 10 Portugal's Most Searched Person

1 - Luciana Abreu

2 - Nereida Gallardo

3 - Amy Winehouse

4 - Ana Malhoa

5 - Soraia Chaves

6 - Jessica Alba

7 - Diana Chaves

8 - Fernando Pessoa

9 - Carla Matadinho

10 - Paris Hilton

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Francisco Côrte-Real Doesn't Want Plus Size Nereida

After Portuguese newspapers published compromising photos of him and Plus size Nereida together, the 21 year old actor hastened to deny any involvement with the rounded Spaniard.

"She was invited to come to Portugal because she's Cristiano Ronaldo ex-girlfriend, not to be with me. She came because Portuguese people support these things", says.

Côrte-Real admits they exchanged phone numbers "We exchanged number. I gave my telephone number to many people. I don’t want to marry her".

When they ask Côrte-Real if Doña Nereida,who gets dumped by Cristiano Ronaldo, is interesting in him, he says jokingly:" I don't know, I think when she'll know I'm not rich like Ronaldo...."

Francisco Côrte-Real ex girlfriend is Joana Freitas, the same woman who told to the Portuguese Press that Cristiano Ronaldo sent her romantic SMS. It's a small, small world!

Monday, December 22, 2008

The WAGvent Calendar

The Spoiler gives you 24 pics of half-naked wag's decorated for Christmas. You can see Plus Size Nereida on December 6. She looks a bit ridiculous with the Christmas ball hungs on the teet. Another Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend appears in the same calendar: Gemma Atkinson, December 1.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

3000 Euro To Move Her Big Ass And Play With Her Boobs

Plus Size Nereida said to each journalist present at the Pè Nervoso Anniversary, she doesn't use her relationship with Ronaldo to make money. Soon after she pocketed 3000 Euro. "I was in love with Cristiano. Money never was my objective". Not very credible. Before she met Ronaldo she worked into a hospice changing adult diapers and cleaning ass!

Nympho-Nereida has many friends but she's single. She still has the CR tattoo on her wrist.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Another Five Minutes Of Glory For Plus Size Nereida

Now she's only Cristiano Ronaldo ex girlfriend, the whole world has forgotten about Plus Size Nereida, but in Ronaldo's homeland, somebody still remember her. Wannabe model Nereida will be special guest at the 8th anniversary of a Portuguese disco, Pé Nervoso (Nervous Foot) in Santo Tirso. The event is scheduled for Saturday, December 13. Organizer have chosen Plus Size because a true star would have cost too much.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Plus-Size Nereida Needs Money

Plus-Size Nereida started selling her fat body, then she sold her famous ex boyfriend but money is never enough ... According to trusted source Nereida sold her car, a Ford Ka Cabrio.
Cinderfuckingrella needs money for sundry expenses; what else will she sell, at some point in the future ?

List of expenses

Dental braces to correct her Bags Bunny teeth - 5.000 Euro

Rhinoplasty 3.000 - 6.000 Euro

Otoplasty 2.500-3.000 Euro

Liposuction thighs and bottom2.500,00 - 3.500,00 Euro

(Thanks to Paula).

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Plus-Size Nereida Is Trying To Be Like Ronaldo's Ex Gemma Atkinson

Plus-Size Nereida tells all - video

She seems a bit embarassed.

Plus-Size Nereida In A Lingerie Photo Shoot...Sorry


Winker only interested in himself, says ex slut love

WINKER Cristiano Ronaldo is today exposed as a vain little PLUCKER.

Man U ace Ronaldo’s ex lover Nereida Gallardo reveals the preening Portuguese striker has an extreme beauty regime to keep his body hair-free.

“He likes his body to be smooth all over and would even use a hair removal cream. He would also use tubs of moisturiser, coating every part of his body, at least twice a day,” said Nereida, who has posed for her sexiest ever photos for the News of the World Online.
And Nereida tells on our video cameras how Ronaldo, 23, dumped her by TEXT after eight months. But she had already realised by then that the real love of Ronaldo’s life is . . . Ronaldo.

“His house is full of mirrors so he’s always walking around glancing at himself," revealed Nereida.
He has his initials and the num- ber seven all over the place. It’s on the doors, the coffee tables and there are mirrors everywhere. He loves looking at himself and playing with his hair.
“He has curly hair and liked me to use my hair straighteners to do it for him,” said Nereida, 24 25.

She’s fuming about the way he broke off the romance by text. “He’s a coward who couldn’t end it face-to-face,” she said.

Nereida, who has a sexy new look in our exclusive photos also blames his mum Dolores for their split. She said: “He phones her every day. I wouldn’t be surprised if his next girlfriend is chosen by his mum.” (Source NOTW)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Plus-Size.... Vampire

Monday, October 27, 2008

Plus-Size Nereida Scrounges Drinks And Food At The Inaugural Parties

Plus-Size Nereida is at every event where she can eat and drinks for free. OnTuesday 2nd October she sponged at Io Lounge Inaugural Party.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Plus-Size Nereida Is On The Cover Of Lux

Thanks to Paula for the pic

"He wanted to have children"

"His mother has always been a problem"

"After the break up the Sun offered me me 160,000 euros to speak and I refused" (she still hoped for possible reconciliation with Ronaldo).

Lux paid her for her bullshits?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Yeti Sighted - Abominable Snow-Woman

Ex wag Plus-Size Nereida At Shop Inauguration

Elegant black dress. Big potato nose. Collant Cellulite Control. Musketeer Boots. Merche Romero's ring on her engagement finger. Plus-Size Nereida attended the inauguration of "Too Much", a new shop in Porto, Portugal.

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sometimes They Come Back ...

Sometime they come back....more bleak and frightening than Stephen King's novel. Plus-Size Nereida and her boobs are still among us. The failed model, dumped by Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo and Spanish defender Sergio Ramos, confessed that she still thinks about Manchester United ace and she can't get him out of her head. Pornereida gave an interview to Portuguese newspaper Lux repeating the same nonsense we’ve heard on Donde estas corazon? She's full of it!

The Spanish tramp told that she had sex with Cristiano Ronaldo the first night they met, on January 12, 2008, but she thinks she's not "a woman who offers herself", because "there was a strong empathy". She tells she fell in love with Cristiano the first night: "I liked the way he looked at me and when he showed me his affection. He made me feel special". After being dumped she has changed her opinion of him. "He is immature, doesn't know what he wants and is very influenceable". "His mother commands him. He is a good, but needs to mature a lot. He doesn’t think for himself. He trusts very few people and take refuge in his family who influence him very much", said Nereida Gallardo to Lux.

The queen of trash tells that until August everything was all right with Ronaldo's mom, then things started to get complicated. Dolores accused Doña Nereida to call photographers to publicize the relationship: " During holidays in Sardinia my relationship with his mother was impossible. She did not speak to me, she ignored me.

Plus-size Nereida says she's doesn't give interviews to the press for revenge versus Ronaldo, but she's angry because of his cowardice: "I'm angry because he has denied he dumped me by text message. It's cowardice".

The chubby girl doesn't want to reconcile with her ex: "He should ask for forgiveness. When he dumped me I was sad and I cried a lot. But so is life. If he would come back to me he should apologize a thousand times". And warns that life with the fotballer is not a dream. "We couldn't do everything we wanted, we were closed into a circle". Nereida still has the CR tattoo on her wrist. "I don't know when I'll remove the tattoo. Maybe when I'll keep him (Cristiano Ronaldo) out of my head.