Monday, August 18, 2008

Plus-Size Nereida Has A Tattoo Just Above Her Plus-Size Ass

...Just ask the girlfriend of the footballing legend, Cristiano Ronaldo. Or perhaps not. She, like many non-conversant in Japanese and Chinese, may believe her gruesome tattoos convey some deep mystical philosophic gem.

According to Tian Tang, the author of a website dedicated to disabusing such illiterates, Nereida Gallardo has actually tattooed her lower back with characters that can read "like a punchline for some anti-anal sex joke".

At best, he says, it is gibberish, mixing together some disparate Chinese characters. At worst, it is an offer printed in a bold line down her builder's cleavage to direct a "friendly army" on her "private self". (

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Plus-Size Nereida Is Using The Post- Breakup Spotlight To Try To Get A Job - Not Nurse Assistant-

Dumped Twice Nereida decided to reveal to Portugal's best-selling newspaper Vidas sex details of her past relationship with footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, but only for € 45.000. She also pretended a contract with Portuguese agency Face Model to realis her impossible dream: be a model. The newspaper slammed the door in her face. But Plus-Size Nereida is not resigned. She'll go to Portugal where she'll try to sell her story.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Poll Result: Who's Prettier? Nereida Gallardo or Paris Hilton?

Plus-Size Nereida won the poll, but only by 5 votes

Total Votes: 237

Nereida Gallardo - 121

Paris Hilton - 116

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


      Emmenthal Cheese        Nereida Thighs

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Plus-Size Nereida Watermelon Boobs : Sexy or Grotesque?

What Happy Mammaries Ronaldo

SEXY VULGAR Nereida Gallardo plays her best two strikers up front then takes a sensational dive that would even make ex-lover Cristiano Ronaldo proud ashamed.

The Spanish senorita might have been dumped by the randy winker, but she'd obviously picked up a few pointers from the 23-year-old Man Utd ace.

First she jumped from a luxury yacht off Ibiza—taking a couple of inflatables with her to stay afloat. Then Nereida, 25—who's had a boob job—nipped back on board to top up her tan with a girl pal.

An onlooker said: "She was having a fabulous time. She was sending a message of ‘look what you're missing' to Ronaldo." Silicone and Cellulite.

(Source: NOTW)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Plus-Size Nereida Is A Disposable Woman

Nymphomaniac Nereida got fucked by another celebrity. The Mirror reveals
that the Spanish failed model had had all-night sex sessions with the Jamiroquai's singer when his band played in Palma, Majorca.

Last night her pal revealed: "It was two years ago. Nereida and another girl talked their way into the after-party and they immediately hit it off. He later took her back to his hotel suite."

Jay Kay declined to comment.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Plus-Size Nereida Photocall

The whole world seems to have forgotten that Plus-Size Nereida ever existed but The Sun. She show off her boobs to capture the attention of the media and the British tabloid is the only one interested in her big, huge fake tits.

Look at these photos:Dumped Twice Nereida is posing for the camera. This is a photocall.