Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Francisco Côrte-Real Doesn't Want Plus Size Nereida

After Portuguese newspapers published compromising photos of him and Plus size Nereida together, the 21 year old actor hastened to deny any involvement with the rounded Spaniard.

"She was invited to come to Portugal because she's Cristiano Ronaldo ex-girlfriend, not to be with me. She came because Portuguese people support these things", says.

Côrte-Real admits they exchanged phone numbers "We exchanged number. I gave my telephone number to many people. I don’t want to marry her".

When they ask Côrte-Real if Doña Nereida,who gets dumped by Cristiano Ronaldo, is interesting in him, he says jokingly:" I don't know, I think when she'll know I'm not rich like Ronaldo...."

Francisco Côrte-Real ex girlfriend is Joana Freitas, the same woman who told to the Portuguese Press that Cristiano Ronaldo sent her romantic SMS. It's a small, small world!