Monday, January 26, 2009

Plus Size Nereida: Still Plus Size, Wag No More

Black dress to look thinner, high heel shoes to look taller, long hair extensions to hide her bad hair cut, Plus Size Nereida aka Ronaldo's ex girlfriend aka the most useless person in the world did not look vomitous at VCI discotheque.

The wannabe someone said to the press:"I'm going to appear in a Spanish men’s magazine. She announces she's not in love: "I'm seeing a man. He is not in the entertainment business". She always come back to talk about her famous ex, Cristiano Ronaldo. When the footballer won th Fifa World player Of The Year Plus Size Nereida sent a text message to him: "I congratuled him. He replied to my message: Thank you". If this was an attempt at rapprochement, you have failed miserably,Doña Nereida!

The day after, the improbable model has flown to Spain with 7000 Euro in her pocket. Olé!