Monday, June 22, 2009

Plus Size Nereida Has Fear Of Paris

Dumped by Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos and by Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo , Plus Size Nereida consoles herself rubbing her vagina with a Real Madrid shirt.

Paris Hilton is her biggest fear. Plus Size Nereida is afraid that the American heiress popularity can obscure her. "It was nothing more than a shag. It was just sex. Just one of many girls who slept with him. It was said she didn't wear panties. Every week there's a different girl talking about him."

Speaking about Paris and Cristiano: "He has nothing in common with that girl because she sells her life, he is quite the contrary. He has always wanted to stay out of gossip. But opposite poles attract each other."

Cinderfuckingella also disagrees with Paris Hilton Beckhams plan: "It was said the same about me. I don't want to criticize (Noooo?!) but they (Paris & Cristiano) still lack something to be the new Beckhams. David and Victoria Beckham dress very classy, they were never shameful. Cristiano needs age and experience to be like David Beckham."

About Paris again "I would not speak ill of her. She lives this way because she can. Since nobody criticize her..." And she says clearly: "He (Cristiano) is never going to see her again and if he would see Paris again he would meet her in Hollywood." Envy is a capital sin, ma Chère!

The Woman Who Stole Her Man - Sausage shaped Nereida isn't brave enough to admits that Cristiano Ronaldo dumped her because leggy Letizia Filippi and get all the blame on footballer mom Dolores.