Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sometimes They Come Back ...

Sometime they come back....more bleak and frightening than Stephen King's novel. Plus-Size Nereida and her boobs are still among us. The failed model, dumped by Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo and Spanish defender Sergio Ramos, confessed that she still thinks about Manchester United ace and she can't get him out of her head. Pornereida gave an interview to Portuguese newspaper Lux repeating the same nonsense we’ve heard on Donde estas corazon? She's full of it!

The Spanish tramp told that she had sex with Cristiano Ronaldo the first night they met, on January 12, 2008, but she thinks she's not "a woman who offers herself", because "there was a strong empathy". She tells she fell in love with Cristiano the first night: "I liked the way he looked at me and when he showed me his affection. He made me feel special". After being dumped she has changed her opinion of him. "He is immature, doesn't know what he wants and is very influenceable". "His mother commands him. He is a good, but needs to mature a lot. He doesn’t think for himself. He trusts very few people and take refuge in his family who influence him very much", said Nereida Gallardo to Lux.

The queen of trash tells that until August everything was all right with Ronaldo's mom, then things started to get complicated. Dolores accused Doña Nereida to call photographers to publicize the relationship: " During holidays in Sardinia my relationship with his mother was impossible. She did not speak to me, she ignored me.

Plus-size Nereida says she's doesn't give interviews to the press for revenge versus Ronaldo, but she's angry because of his cowardice: "I'm angry because he has denied he dumped me by text message. It's cowardice".

The chubby girl doesn't want to reconcile with her ex: "He should ask for forgiveness. When he dumped me I was sad and I cried a lot. But so is life. If he would come back to me he should apologize a thousand times". And warns that life with the fotballer is not a dream. "We couldn't do everything we wanted, we were closed into a circle". Nereida still has the CR tattoo on her wrist. "I don't know when I'll remove the tattoo. Maybe when I'll keep him (Cristiano Ronaldo) out of my head.