Thursday, October 2, 2008

Unglamorous Nereida Talks About Her Romance With Cristiano Ronaldo On TV

Plus-Size Nereida was recently on the Spanish show"¿Dónde estás corazón? (Heart,where are you?). She gets paid € 60.000 to do this interview. Speaking about her Spanish magazine El Semanal digital said "a young girls with black hair and without a hint of glamour". The black scrawl must have be the star of the show but a debate on Elena of Spain and Jaime de Marichalar has obscured her.

About sex

He is very good in bed. That's why I was with him". "We had sex the first night we met".

About Ronaldo

"He's a simple man, loving but lacking in maturity" and "He's very clean and orderly and loves cakes very much".

About fidelity

“I was faithful throughout our relationship but I’m not sure about him.I found text messages in Spanish one day on his mobile phone that made me suspicious.”

About Aveiro family

"There were some problems with his family as they were a little jealous. I blame Ronaldo's mum Dolores for the break-up".

About life with Ronaldo

"I began to to share my life with Cristiano and his ex brother-in-law.We played the PlayStation, we ate. A cleaning lady came to the home every day for a couple of hours, sometimes I stewed . Come on, a life of more ordinary". ""We never spoke about marriage, ever."

About Manchester

"The city is very sad and the nightclubs close early. I like to party since I was sixteen. But I'm not a "men searcher".

About Mallorca

It's an island where everybody knows everybody".

About Sergio Ramos

"I was just friends with him".

About her boobs

"I really don't understand why people's interest in my breast. It's not so big".

About the break up

"Cristiano dumped me by SMS after the holidays. He's a coward. I was devasted. He has thrown me away like a Kleenex ".

About Fernanda the Brazilian hooker

"He (Ronaldo) knows Fernanda but he doesn't see her for over a year".

About money

(Thanks to Paula and Amanda)