Friday, September 18, 2009

BAN BUGSY FROM PORTUGAL (She Should Be Banned From The Entire World)!

Plus Size Nereida is it again, running her mouth and saying absurd, annoying and ridiculous things. In an interview with Correio da Manha she said: "I was invited (to attend Winter Club Opening) because people wanted me there, because I'm able to attract the public. I have a contract with Espectacular Produções to be guest at three different events : in October, November and December." As if to say "Portugueses like me so much". Idiot or does she think Portugueses are stupid?

Can't stand Plus Size Nereida? Think her attitude and image are disgusting?Want her out of Portugal? Contact Espectacular Produções and try to stop her!

Director Daniel Martins
PR Joao Lourenco