Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Miss Nobody Show " Three Proofs Of Love" To Mr Nobody

After she made an ass of herself at the Mood Beach club, Plus Size Nereida needs to turn over a new leaf to respect her new boyfriend Pedro Sabater so she doesn't want her insignificant name linked with Cristiano's anymore.

1- Miss Nobody is looking to remove CR tattoo on her wrist. She will remove the letter C and will opt to replace the letter R (Ronaldo) with the letter P (Pedro). Personally I think she will never remove the tattoo. It's her brand recognition.

2- The next time Miss Nobody will travel to Portugal with Mr Nobody.

3- Miss Nobody keeps trying to convince us Mr Nobody is much better than the Real Madrid player: "He has given me much more expensive gifts than Ronaldo ever did ..." Vagina always for sale!