Sunday, September 13, 2009

Claudia Jacques vs Plus Size Nereida 1-0

Plus Size Nereida is at war with ex model Claudia Jacques over Winter club job. She vented her frustration at Correio de Manha.

"I honestly do not understand why Claudia Jacques is making all this fuss. I have never spoken ill of someone ( except for her ex boyfriend, his mum and his sisters), least of all of Claudia Jacques. I don't know why she doesn't want to work with me. She should be ashamed. Her behavior isn't acceptable for her age. She should have another kind of attitude. After all the 25 years old it's not her, it's me. (Neither of the two! Claudia Jacques is 44 years old, Plus Size Nereida is 26 years old). I don't understand why she acts like this. Does she feel inferior to me? Is this the problem? I'm just a simple person and these are things that I don't understand".

Finally: Claudia Jacques still has her job while Plus Size Nereida has been dismissed. Who's inferior?