Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Book That Plus-Size Nereida Must Read

Stop Getting Dumped Survival Guide by Lisa Daily.

CHAPTER 1 Get out of the dumpster, girl

CHAPTER 2 You never meet Prince Charming (or Prince William) unless you’re ready to go to the ball.

CHAPTER 3 Never ask a man for a date.

CHAPTER 4 A pair and a spare: Using rotation until you find “The One.” (In other words, date several, the thinking behind this is it makes you less desperate and not fall into the “wondering” mode…wondering if he’ll call, wondering if he’ll ask you out again….)

CHAPTER 5 The 48 mandate (I thought this one interesting. Basically it means never accept a date unless the man has asked you out at least forty-eight hours in advance. I would probably agree on this somewhat, except I’m wondering if at a certain age when time is precious and you just never know what’s going to occur from one day to the next if perhaps the time period shouldn’t be shortened somewhat to say 36 hours?)

CHAPTER 6 Never call a man. (This is one strategy that I find repeated in numerous dating books. So if any of you men wonder why we’re not calling…this explains why.)

CHAPTER 7 Smells like love. (This is one of those sneaky tactics…when a date comes by to pick you up, it is suggested that you pop some cinnamon rolls into the oven…somehow men associate the scents of cinnamon and vanilla with love. Is that true? Last night I made a delicious salmon dinner for a friend which seem to do the same thing. Plus I served iced frosted oatmeal cookies…made by “Archway.” I actually do have a can of air freshener in the scent of cinnamon, which I spray usually in the area of the cat’s litter box.)

CHAPTER 8 The only place you should ever meet your date is at your front door. (The thinking here is I think not to make it too easy for him by meeting him halfway. Not sure I agree on this, considering that if I meet someone online, then if in person it will usually be at a public place in the bright light of day. I prefer the halfway mark with the first few meetings in very public places. I do not believe the author had taken into account online dating here.)

CHAPTER 9 Why Buy the Cow? Still true in today’s meat market. (No disagreement here. Because this philosophy still holds true at any age from 16 to 99 plus.)

CHAPTER 10 Get the check, lose the guy. (I agree here, though I have come across a few who do not mind if the lady pays.)

CHAPTER 11 Don’t count the days, Make the Days count. (Doesn’t this hold true for anything in life, that is we should enjoy the moment. Here we are reminded do not drop everything else once we start dating someone…instead continue focusing on those other areas of our lives.)

CHAPTER 12 Dream girls do not take any crap! (I do not think any woman should take any crap…dream girl or not.)

CHAPTER 13 What to do if you are in a crappy relationship now. (I think this is self-explanatory…especially at my age…because who wants to waste spending any time in any crappy relationship?)

CHAPTER 14 The dream girl—a dream to be around. (Basically here we are reminded not to be cruel, not to lie, not to cheat, not to be b&tchy…then again, I recently did a review on a book entitled Why Men Love B&tches…go figure)

CHAPTER 15 Never say it first: I Love You (Not unless you want him running in the opposite direction.)

CHAPTER 16 Mums the word on the M word. (Basically, again never say the word this time marriage unless you want him running off in that opposite direction. Although in my case, I might be the one doing the running.)

CHAPTER 17 The dream girls code of silence (Reminding women not to tell men that we are reading such so-called manipulative books…or in my case writing such books. Still, if men did read these books, then I think many of them would not be as clueless when it comes to this dating/relationship thing.)