Thursday, July 17, 2008

Plus-Size Nereida: Dumped Or Cheated?

Injured Cristiano Ronaldo has been resting his crocked ankle - by going on a bender at an LA club.

The Manchester United striker, recovering from an ankle operation, splashed out more than £10,000 on wine, vodka and bottles of Cristal champagne after arriving at trendy nightclub Villa with two friends.

Ronaldo and his mates were met by the four beautiful models, who sat with him at a private table in one corner.

As the booze flowed, the 23-year-old got into the party spirit. He even threw his crutches to the ground and tried to dance on his uninjured foot - although it turned into more of an ungainly shuffle. So he ripped open his white shirt instead - as the models squealed with delight.

Ronaldo flew to Los Angeles on Tuesday to attend sports awards. His first port of call was a steak restaurant in West Hollywood, where he drank four glasses of red wine.

Ronaldo and friends then headed to the club, where he drank a number of vodka and sodas before switching to Û800 bottles of Cristal.

As the night wore on Ronaldo ordered more bottles of champagne before trying to dance. The clubber said: "He put his crutches on the floor and got up next to his table.

"He was clearly wanting to dance but because of his injury it was more of a shuffle.

"At one point he ripped open his shirt. The girls loved it and were cheering. He looked quite drunk."

Ronaldo left after about three hours in a stretch limo.

Last night he was due at the ESPY Awards - where he is up for Best Male International Athlete.