Sunday, July 20, 2008

Plus-Size Nereida has belief in her boy

According to News Of The World Ronaldo scored with an American beauty called Jen on Thursday, and the next night substituted her for a Scottish stunner.

While he was in LA to meet talent agents, he took the chance to eye a bit of local talent himself.

A friend of first conquest Jen told how he sweet-talked her.

"She genuinely thought he was interested and that's why she spent the night with him," said the pal.

He arranged to meet Jen again on Friday night at LA's swanky Villa nightclub—but gave her the slip to make a killer pass at the mystery Scot.

The pal said: "He acted like Jen didn't exist.A Scottish girl appeared and he was all over her like a rash. Jen was so upset she stormed off home."

Meanwhile Dumped Nerida, 25, has been telling pals she and Ronaldo are still an item.

She told one: "He doesn't understand all the rumours he's dumped me and says he hasn't taken any girls home. Unless there's any proof to suggest otherwise, I believe my boy."