Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cinderfuckingrella Story

STARRING: Cristiano Ronaldo in the role of the Prince

Nereida Gallardo Alvarez in the role of Cinderfuckingrella

Once upon a time on a far Spanish island there was a poor and fat girl named Cinderfuckingrella. She lived with her mother and her stepfather. She had to work hard all day as nursing assistant in a geriatric clinic for minimum wage (800 Euros). Only when evening came was the poor girl allowed to hit up the night clubs looking for sex with some random man. She used to spend long hours to get fucked in every position possible in every place possible. That is how she got the nickname, for everybody called her Cinderfuckingrella.

One day the Prince landed with a few companions on the island. The rumor reached the ears of Cinderfuckingrella. 'Oh, I wish i could meet him ,' she thought. "But how?" Suddenly something amazing happened. In the kitchen, where Cinderfuckingrella was sitting all by herself, there was a burst of light and a fairy appeared. "Don't be alarmed, Cinderfuckingrella," said the fairy. "The wind blew me your sighs. I know you would love to meet the Prince. And so you shall!" "How can I win him?" Cinderfuckingrella replied. The fairy smiled. With a flick of her magic wand... gave Cinderfuckingrella a pair of huge silicone boobs. With another flick of the magic wand Cinderfuckingrella was prodigiously transported into Tito's club VIP area where the Prince was partying . When the Prince set eyes on Cinderfuckingrella, he was struck by her giant boobs. They left the club together in the early hours of the morning and they lived happily for seven months.

One sad day the Prince dumped her for a new squeeze. Cinderfuckingrella swore revenge. She publicly blamed the Prince's mum Dolores for the break-up and flung abuse at her ex. Cinderfuckingrella discovered that stupid people were willing to pay money to hear what she had to say.

It has been like a year since the Prince dumped Cinderfuckingrella. Certainly she will never become a princess but she has her little nest egg put aside. This year Cindefuckingrella has amassed money thanks to her relationship with the Prince. She earned a total of 250.000 euros.

Interviews: 235.000

Carnival: 4.000

Attendance: 24.500

TOTAL: 253.500 euros

Source: Correio da Manha