Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ronaldo's Friends Slam Bugsy

Plus Size Nereida wants revenge for being dumped and humiliated in front of millions of people. That's one of the reason (reason #2: money) why she dissed Cristiano Ronaldo and his family on Spanish Tv, again! It was the third time she has been on Donde Estas Corazon. CR9's friends watched Bugsy's interview and they were very disappointed.

Daniel Nascimento, close friend of Ronaldo - What this "lady" is doing is depicable. She stoops ever lower. The power of money.

Filipa de Castro - She's very mean. I'm wordless.

Nélson, Belenense's goalkeeper and Ronaldo's long time friend - She's trying to get fame and to damage his career. But she can't. His successful career is a result of his talent.

Source: Correio da Manha

Thanks to Lizzy