Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Plus Size Nereida Insinuates That CR9 Is Gay

Plus Size Nereida has been pictured giving a rude hand gesture toward Cristiano Ronaldo.

Failed model Nereida Gallardo was left disappointed when Ronaldo ignored her and a security guard then prevented her from speaking to her former flame. Gallardo was then heard protesting: "But he is my ex-boyfriend." Mocked, scorn and humiliated Bugsy made an obscene gesture touching the forefinger and thumb to form a circle. In Germany and most of South America, it is an insult, similar to giving someone the finger in the United States, while in Turkey it is a derogatory gesture used to imply that someone is homosexual.

Now the hysterical ex nurse's assistant is hiding in her parents home in Palma De Mallorca
to lick her wounds.

Thanks to Lizzy